High Quality, Fuel Efficient SmartWay tires.

Designed & manufactured under direct supervision by PIRELLI

Premium Quality Truck Tires from Aeolus​

Now Available in Canada

Aeolus is one of the top 25 tire manufacturer’s in the world. With 14-million-square-foot plant in Jiazhou, China, outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery. Aeolus is dedicated to provide tires of excellent quality at a highly competitive price, delivering performance and value to Canadian truckers.

The Aeolus Tires has earned a wide range of third-party certifications for quality and manufacturing excellence, including US DOT, OHSAS18001, E-MARK, GS-9000 and VDA6.1 from Germany’s TuV, ISO16949 Quality Management Certification, ISO14001 and ISO17025 Laboratory Accreditation.

Aeolus is committed to quality and that’s why Independent audits and in-house testing facilities ensure the quality of every one of the 5 million tires that roll out of Aeolus’s factory every year.

Aeolus Truck Tire in Canada

For Whom Aeolus Tires are Suitable ?

Premium Semi Truck & trailer Tires now in Canada

Aeolus manufacturers truck tires for all kinds of applications in different sizes. Aeolus tires for Long Haul, Regional, and Mixed Usage – On/Off Road are the most popular in its range.

Aeolus Semi Truck & Trailer tires in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes are the most popular in Canada from Aeolus’s truck tire range.

Truck tires for all axel positions are manufactured by Aeolus like trailer position tires, drive position tires, and steer position tires.

With the selection of the finest and most performing raw materials along with the upgrade of the manufacturing workshop with innovative processes and stricter quality controls, allowed us to deliver a quantum-leap in tire performance and reliability, unmatched in the market.


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